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At Journey to Harmony Physical Therapy, we’re committed to providing you with exceptional care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. Located in Ruskin, Fl, Journey to Harmony Physical Therapy specializes in providing effective personalized physical therapy and rehabilitation services to the members of the community and promoting public awareness and positive attitudes concerning the capabilities and needs of persons with disabilities.
Whether you’re coming in for a minor ache or a more complex treatment regiment, our dedicated team has the skills and resources to manage all your health needs. We can’t wait to help you feel awesome while keeping you mobile.


How Can Physical Therapy Help You?

Reduce or eliminate pain

Improve your balance and prevent falls 

Manage Heart and Lung Disease

Manage Diabetes and Vascular Diseases

Build Muscle Strength

Improve Flexibility and Range of Motion

A Conservative Option to Surgery

Manage Pain Effectively Without Long-Term Use of Medication

Maximize your movement

Participate in your recovery

Recover from or prevent sports related injury

Shorten your recovery time


Opening Hours

Mon - Thur: 8am-5pm
Fri/Sat: By appointment only
Sun: Closed


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Have a question? Please don't hesitate to CALL or EMAIL us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

207 4TH ST NW, Ruskin, Fl 33570


FAX 813-641-3901

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Journey to Harmony Physical Therapy


FAX 813-641-3901

207 4TH ST NW, Ruskin, Fl 33570

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